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Since our inception, we've been incredibly privileged to have designed and installed living surfaces for some very prestigious events and brands around the world, including our award-winning COP26 install for SSE Plc. You can watch the install here. 


Live Panels 

LivePanel an innovative green wall system. LivePanel sustainably adds a warm, living surface to any learning, working or living environment. The modular green wall system consists of green profiles which work as a water tank and interchangeable plant cassettes with slots holding the plants. LivePanel can be affixed to new or existing walls in indoor or outdoor environments. The various sizes and creative plant options make LivePanel a flexible, space-saving green wall system with an unlimited range of applications.



  • Improves air quality through oxygen production and fine dust absorption

  • Temperature and noise insulation

  • Aesthetic value

  • Space-saving

  • Enhances the ambience

  • Easy and quick installation

  • Lightweight (maximum 40 kg/m2)\



  • Manual or automatic irrigation

  • Slim system

  • Modular system for indoor and outdoor

  • Creative freedom of design and plant selection • Simple exchange of plant cassettes

  • Fully recyclable

  • Low maintenance

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Natural Pictures

The patented Natural Pictures are a unique combination of innovation, design and greenery. Natural Pictures are made of high-quality materials, including a powder-coated steel frame and a system of interchangeable plant cassettes. The watering system included in the frame is enough to water the plants for four to six weeks. This innovative system does not require electricity or a pump to provide the right amount of water and nutrients to the plants. Choose different types of plants to experiment artistically with foliage and colour patterns. A custom-designed Natural Pictures enhance any living, learning or working environment and adds all the positive features of living greenery.




  • Improves air quality through oxygen production and fine dust absorption 

  • Increases productivity and creativity 

  • Vertical greenery does not require much space 

  • Improves the living, learning and working climate 

  • Enhances the ambience 

  • Improves spatial acoustics



  • Fast and easy installation Integrated watering system

  • No electricity or pump required Water tank for four to six weeks Includes full and empty indicators

  • Interchangeable plant cassettes

  • Fully recyclable

  • Interchangeable frame

  • Can be installed on nearly every type of wall


Live Roofs

Water drainage has become an issue due to urbanisation and climate change. Potential sewage solution systems are being looked into. More and more green roofs are being applied. LivingRoof plant cassettes – provide an instant fully established green roof layer filled with substrate and 6 to 8 different types of sedum. A clip-together cassette system, LivingRoof is a simple solution for an instant green roof. LivingRoof lends itself perfectly to flat roofs and those with a gradient of less than 10° (20%) and is easy to reposition.

Mobilane MobiRoof Bus shelter Haarlem  (



  • Water retention of 20 litres per square metre

  • Expands biodiversity

  • May increase property prices

  • Weatherproofs existing roofing

  • Increases the productivity of your solar panels

  • Insulation


  • Can be directly applied to roofing

  • A ready-to-use solution

  • Easily installed (and reinstalled) without an installer

  • Low maintenance

  • 6 - 8 types of sedum

  • Cultivation certified as sustainable

  • Fully recyclable


Live Dividers (internal)

LiveDivider is a green room divider. The room divider is used to divide the room while maintaining an open space. The metal frame and solid fixed base make the LiveDivider a beautiful addition to any space. The LiveDivider includes an integrated watering system that provides the right amount of water and nutrition
for up to six weeks.
This watering system requires no electricity supply, water pumps or water drainage. The frame includes six interchangeable plant cassettes on each side. The interchangeable plant cassettes can be easily adapted to the season or circumstances.

Mobilane HQ LivePanel - LiveDivider Offi
Mobilane HQ LivePicture - LiveDivider Of



  • Divides spaces, maintaining an open feeling

  • Improves air quality through oxygen production

  • and fine dust absorption

  • Increases productivity and creativity

  • Vertical greenery requires little space

  • Improves the living, learning and

  • working environment

  • Improves spatial acoustics


  • Interchangeable plant cassettes

  • Integrated watering system

  • No electricity or pump required

  • Water supply for four to six weeks

  • Fully recyclable

  • Patented system

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Live Screens (external)

Our Livescreens consists of a steel grid, densely intertwined with climbing plants. The plants are supplied in a coconut fibre root container filled with potting soil, with a strong metal frame. The coconut planter is a mixture of coconut fibres (coir), held together by natural latex. Once the LiveScreen is installed, the biodegradable coconut planter completely degrades within one to two years. This system allows the full, healthy development of the hedge and its root system. The ready-made living LiveScreens can be installed all year round, however avoid planting during a prolonged frost.




  • Instant privacy due to a closely woven green hedge

  • Low maintenance product

  • Space-saving, narrow profile

  • Can be installed all year round

  • Animal-friendly grid

  • Wide range of plant varieties

  • Easy, efficient installation



  • Environmentally friendly

  • Contributes towards absorption of fine dust

  • Galvanised steel grid with a 10-year guarantee

  • Supplied with nine plant varieties

  • Available in various heights

  • Sustainable cultivation

  • Fully recyclable

LiveScreens (external)


Plant Selection - Indoor Mix Example.

Our team of horticulturalists will work with you to determine the very best plant selection, both in terms of aesthetics and achieving your environmental goals.

Plant Selection - External Mix Sample.

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