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Improving Air Quality.

To scientifically prove the benefits of how green walls remove particulates from the atmosphere (as much as 3 Billion every single day), the University of Staffordshire produced a report called 'Particulate Pollution Capture' (available below) using our Green Screens. This forms part of our long-term commitment to help customers understand the true impact of the solutions that we offer, within their own environment.

As Seen on BBC 1

Green Screens were featured on BBC, highlighting the current problems with pollution, along with the benefits of installing Green Screens.

Sustainable Solutions and Technology.

Mobilane - LivePanel Pack - 2x3 - Casset

Recyclable, Safe


Our fully recyclable cassettes are made from EPP and have been tested to the most rigorous fire testing by Efectis. 

old rusty tap leaking water.jpg

Unique Watering System

Gone are the days of the 'leaky tap' watering systems. We use a proprietary capillary system to water our plants, delivering precise watering to our living surfaces.

Mobilane MobiRoof Bus shelter Haarlem  (

ISO 9001 & 14001 Installation

Our installation teams work to the highest standards, ensuring minimal impact to the environment.

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